Death Rattle

by The Orphan

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released June 30, 2019

Jack Broom - Vocals
Dan James - Guitar, Vocals
Deet Cologon - Guitar, Vocals
Aron Quigley - Bass
Chris Felton - Drums

Engineered, produced and mixed by Ben Rechter @ Pony Music

Mastered by Tom Beard @ Deluxe Mastering

Cover art by Lady Anne @

Cover design by Chris Felton

All songs written and performed by The Orphan

Additional vocals on 'Glass Coffins' by Roscoe Schwarz of Drivetime Commute


all rights reserved



The Orphan Melbourne, Australia

The Orphan is 5 people making a whole lot of messy noise.

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Track Name: Church of Snakes
Am I fearless or stupid, spitting in the face of kings?
Shamefully silent, nobody’s back is straight.
Burn this bridge so that I can't come back.

Speak in whispers, speak in blasphemy.

Hide behind the light you hold above yourself.
Cast the sermon out, recite it back to me.

Die with me.
Don’t let them use you to spread your disease.
Church of snakes.
Sever the hand and head that feeds.
Die with me.
Alone in Silence at least I can sleep.
Church of Snakes.
Burn it down.

The more your eyes are open
the more doors close
the more your eyes are open.
Track Name: Love Is
Where is your allegiance?
Burn both ends.
Spill your guts, fucking spill your guts.
More familiar, bleeding slowly.
Make myself sick, fucking make myself sick.

Love is Love.

Love is Love, but you’re here to judge,
so neck up or shut up your vision's a grudge
You’re missing the point, loading your head
Trashing your mind, blurring your eyes.

Love is love.

You heard a death rattle - I am the last gasp.

This is the sound of death rattle - but I am the last gasp.
Track Name: Glass Coffins
Between winning and losing, between living and dying
What are you going to do?

I never saw an end, freedom seemed so far.
Chained to hell, I can’t breathe.

Masking design, turning blood to wine.
Swallow the body, like I knew you would.

Smoke fills my head, ringing fills my ears.
Gutting us to eat bodies filled with dust.

Torn out - disposable.
Always replaceable.

Sew my mouth shut, witness the last time, the only time.
A closing door to death - you forget.

Keeping slaves, starving away.
Chained to hell, I can’t breath
Living, dying, in glass coffins.

Hollow shells have become the hive,
Suffocating in wax, only to attract the flies.
Track Name: Loud Flower
I walk this wasteland, my head rings with mistakes.

This is my home, I am one with the snakes.
Track Name: Feed Choke
Afraid to fail, forgive the world.
Pave your paradise, reapers feed on wasted life.
False profits fill your wallets, just second nature to them.
Losing dollars but making no sense, pressed only to sit on the fence.

Bathe in nervous sweat.
Chase this life in debt.

These evil men claw at the world, take away innocence.
Forget apathy - swallow it down.

We all get by.

Can you feel this?
Morals without shame, greed is here to stay.

Motherless daughters.
Fatherless sons.
We are the drained.
The lonely orphan.

We are the drained - waste life away.
Track Name: The Hole
Yeah, close your minds.
Fuck the bigger picture, we all forget - we’re set free.
We’re scum to be, hardships please.

Don’t believe.

The wolves they feed - lives drip from their teeth,
Stay bleak and just grieve and hunt the world to it’s fucking knees.

But I’m a made man, not changing a goddamn thing.
Fuck the bigger picture, and love the feeling.

We see lies, some things I just can’t forget.
There’s no truth - this holes as big as it gets.

Don’t believe. We see lies.

You believe that we’re all free, but you leave in all our dreams.
It’s your decision, I agree, but don’t force what you don’t bleed.
Track Name: Drag
Drag me down and tie my hands.
You better fill my mouth with dirt or everyone will know.

Drag me down.

It was my turn to burn on your words,
My graves already dug, fuel for the funeral pyre.

You can’t find the words to say.
In another time and place, this will never be okay.

We drop like flies to the sound of
talking in between the walls that keep us apart

Drag me down and tie my hands.
Or everyone will know.

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