by The Orphan

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released June 22, 2017

All songs written and performed by The Orphan.

Drums and bass recorded @ Pony Music by Ben Rechter.
Guitars and vocals recorded @ Mountain Sound Studio by The Orphan.

Produced by Ben Rechter and The Orphan.
Mixed by Ben Rechter.
Mastered by Wade Miles @Turbine Visions.

Cover art by Christopher Felton.
Photo by Knape.
Logo by Matt Commons Design.

The Orphan:
Jack - Vocals
Chris - Drums
Aron - Bass
Dan - Guitar, Vocals

Additional vocals by The Orphan.



all rights reserved


The Orphan Melbourne, Australia

4 dudes makin tunes.

Noisey punk/hardcore from Melbourne, Australia.

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Track Name: Gods
I've been saved by my new religion,
and the hole it dug in my heart
I've been saved by my television,
and the fucking hole in my head

I'm the son of a preacher man,
I'm the daughter of a whore

Begging to be saved from the promised land
Begging to be blind, so I don't have to watch

I've been damned by my own design,
and the fucking hole in my head
I've been shunned by ones I love,
dig an endless hole in my heart

Just a son of a preacher man,
I'm the daughter of a whore,

Begging to be saved from a promised fate
Begging to be blind so I don't have to watch

I want god to suffer as man

You've been brainwashed
Track Name: Gutters
You're sick with guilt,
dug your grave
Shame cripples you,
don't look down

Blood on your hands.

Head for the hills, run and hide
A world apart isn't far enough
You were a ghost my entire life,
now I hope these words haunt you

Fade away, try to forget
Hide again, try to forget
Self inflicted exile

Dirty gutters licked clean
Blood on your hands

I'm a man of means by no means,
licking dirty gutters clean
Old enough to see past dreams.
I lied to myself,
I lied
Track Name: Stones
Love lost with gutter drugs,
Smoked it all with black lined lungs
Every cent I ever had,
put to god for souls all wounded

Yeah, worlds keep turning
Yeah, are we learning?

Can't you see the logic?
Teeth are black and rotting
I've got to live and let go,
your gods voice told me so

The idea of grace this world sold to me
The idea of grace, I was sold

Give me something to hold onto,
Give me something to cling onto,

God can't hear you screaming "cult"
Future sick, poisoned dreams

We're just waiting patiently,
to make amends with our love
Casting stones, one by one, to be free from your love

Noone showed me there's nothing to believe
as evil as the stone that sits above your bones

Swallow my pride for me,
I couldn't bring myself to choke it down
But if you want me to watch, you'll have to hold my eyes
Hold my eyes open